Yearling Rams

I have both breeding quality rams and non registered yearling rams. They all have excellent genetics, but those that I feel are superior are allowed to grow out for me to make that final decision on who is the very best. What I like to see are: great horns, great conformation, good temperament and fleece. They need to have presence. Those that are not up to this grade will be kept as unregistered only if their temperament is exceptional. I can send pictures and additional information based on your needs. Please contact me if your interested in a great ram!

"Free-range, grass-fed Icelandic lamb is exceptionally fine-grained and mild tasting; it is prized by chefs…"

Sauveur Magazine

Icelandic sheep can be milked, give richly flavored mutton, as well as produce beautiful wool in three colors. Moreover, Icelandic ewes carry a gene that make them prolific breeders, at times giving birth to sextuplets!